Making Summer Camp a Great Experience for Your Children

Here are some great tips to get you and your child ready for day or sleepover camp:

1. Get signed up! Find a program that best suits your child and sign them up. If the program is full, definitely put your child’s name on the Wait List. There are usually cancellations that will allow you to get into the program you really want.

2. If possible, sign your child up with a friend. Your child might not want to meet a new group of strangers. Signing up to camp with a friend might alleviate any anxiety. Most likely they will make brand new friends quickly, but it’s still less stress with a friend. 

3. Pick a camp that interests your child. Try not to choose a camp based on your childhood memories. Have a discussion with your child and talk about what types of things they are interested in and then focus on that as your choice. They are far more likely to develop their own lasting memories when they are enjoying themselves.

4. Day Program or Week Long Camp? If your child has never attended a summer program, you might not want to sign them up for a sleep-away camp at first. They may enjoy a half or full day camp instead. 

5. Check out the accommodations. Make certain that the camp offers adequate indoor areas in case of inclement weather and proper indoor plumbing. This will ensure that your child is safe and healthy.

6. Pack a great lunch. Many day camps require a child to bring their own food. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to pack a healthy lunch along with a few mini candy selections, a terrific drink, water and special message. 

7. Location, location, location. You’ve found the perfect camp for your child, but it’s an hour away!! Chances are a similar program (perhaps even better) is just a short drive from your home. Do your homework and you will most likely find the perfect spot much closer.

8. Children with Special Needs. Make sure that the camps you are looking at can support a child, for example with ADHD, anxiety, Aspergers or certain allergies or medical needs. 

9. Balance out fun and academics in your child’s day camp. Boosting your child’s various academic skills over the summer is crucial. But it’s wise to choose a camp that offers both teachable skills and fun social activities. 

With all the great programs in the Westchester Women Camp Guide for 2022, we are sure you will find a great fit for your child. 

Enjoy the Summer!!