Keeping Busy Over the Summer



Summer is almost here…and so is summer vacation. There is no need for parents to panic. We all know that we don’t want our children to be stuck in front of a TV all day or texting. Kids naturally want to stay occupied and active during the summer months. So it’s our job to help them make the most of their summer before heading back to school.

Some of the following activities can keep your child’s mind stimulated:

• If your child’s teacher doesn’t provide a summer packet for your child, ask for one so they can practice what they learned throughout the school year.

• Have your child read on a daily basis. 

• Sign your child up for a summer enrichment program offering events and activities to keep your child engaged.

• TV can be used to your advantage. Include educational programs on National Geographic, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

Children have been known to need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. So make sure your child’s summer includes such activities:

• Sign your child up for local recreation or sports programs. Let your child choose what interests them the most…perhaps even trying something new.

• Try doing a workout program along with them.

• Local park visits after you get home from work are a great way to bond with your child but also get outdoors together.

• Get passes to your local public swimming pool. 

Other creative ways to have fun with your children this summer include:

• Have your child write a story/book over the summer months.

• Host a sprinkler or pool party with neighborhood kids.

• Have the older children sign up for community service.

• Teens that are old enough can seek a part-time summer job or internship.

• Create a new recipe with your child.

• Visit an area nature center or museum.

Spending quality time with your kids this summer is the best of all. The bonding and relaxation will be great for the whole family.