2023 WW Summer Camp Guide


Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe this Summer

Summer is the time to have outdoor fun with our dogs. Longer walks in the park, ambitious hikes, beach days, or family travel — the sun is shining, and the outdoors is calling. But hot weather can also make us uncomfortable, and it poses special risks for dogs. 


WW Summer Camp Guide 2022

Making Summer Camp a Great Experience for Your Children

Here are some great tips to get you and your child ready for day or sleepover camp:


Keeping Busy Over the Summer...Some Great Ideas!!

Summer is almost here…and so is summer vacation. There is no need for parents to panic. We all know that we don’t want our children to be stuck in front of a TV all day or texting. Kids naturally want to stay occupied and active during the summer months.


Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids!

Over the summer children are more active and love to have healthy, tasty and creative snacks during the day. Creating new and exciting snacks along with your children’s help is a great way to ensure they will love their food choices and develop healthy eating habits.


Summertime Weather = Great Days for Children

With summer approaching, many families are faced with making a decision about how their children will spend their time off. While some people feel that careless and unstructured free play is what summer is all about, in today’s day and age more and more parents are deciding that their children may fare better with something that’s both structured and fun.