Spring/Summer 2023

. . . It’s Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper Anymore!

By Lauren Hurwitz

No, it’s not 1960 – but yes, it’s all about wallpaper once again! Lauren Anmuth, Founder of Lauren Jaye Staging and Interiors in Westchester says we’re, “seeing a huge return to wallpaper and the choices today are endless!  Two decades ago we didn’t hear much about wallcoverings, but now it is everywhere imaginable, in new and unique ways. We’re seeing everything possible – metals, vinyl, cork, murals, faux bois (faux wood), faux plaster finishes and more.” Not sure where to start with covering your walls? Anmuth says unique textures, botanicals and florals are super hot for 2023.  “I personally love all of the new and unique textures and the selection of wallcoverings on the market today is astounding.  Whether you’re looking for a fluted wood customized wall covering, hand painted silver leaf, or even a washable vinyl that is bathroom-friendly, they are not difficult to find.”  Her favorite companies are Philip Jeffries and Elitis because, “they make some of the most amazing vinyl papers that are reasonably priced and to die for because they don’t even look like vinyl!”  You don’t need to worry about vinyl wallpaper if it gets wet or your child gets fingerprints everywhere because many of these papers are completely wipeable – a total game changer.”

When selecting wallpaper, Anmuth has a few tips to keep in mind such as where the wallpaper will be placed. Once you determine the room where you’re placing the wallpaper, consider the size of the space. “It seems counterintuitive, but I love a big, bold print in a small space. It just works!  A big print can be ideal for a cozier space like a laundry or powder room.” 

Larchmont-based Village Paint Supply Sales Manager, Rachael Gavalas says, “Back in the day, you would pay $29.99 for a single roll and the quality wasn’t so good. Now wallpaper has made a comeback and the designers spend a lot of time putting the books and prints and pictures together. I would say you should expect to pay anywhere from about $100 for a single roll before any type of discount which at Village Paint Supply could be 10-20%. We have a company called Thibaut which is one of the bestselling companies and with that company we discount 20% but depending on texture.” On the more expensive end, Gavalas said some wallpapers can go all the way up to $300 for a roll or more with a single roll being about 4.5 yards.

Hanging wallpaper yourself may seem tempting especially with the availability of peel and stick options online, but don’t be fooled to thinking it’s as simple as pie. Gavalas, says “If it’s your first time working with wallpaper, you might want to put extra money on the side because you’re probably going to come and reorder. You really need a professional to come in for your wallpaper. Plus you’d need to buy scraper and paste, and it adds up to a lot of money whereas the wallpaper person will prepare the wall and do all the things that need to be done. We have a list of trusted professionals, and we hand you the list so you can choose who you want to hire.”