Summer 2024

This fabulous recipe is directly from Salsa Wallito, one of this year’s favorite vendors at your local farmer’s market. Feel free to substitute pork for shredded chicken, fish, or beef. You’ll be able to find all of these fresh ingredients at the market as well. Try creating a yummy Mexican Crema with sheep’s milk yogurt fresh from Willow Pond Sheep Farm. Let us know how it comes together.

2 lb pork shoulder 
Salsa Wallito Siete
3/4 cup fresh orange juice (2 fresh oranges)
Corn Tortillas 
For garnish dice: tomatoes, red onions, jalapeños, and avocado.
Drizzle Mexican Crema over everything using sheep’s milk yogurt, a little lime juice, yellow mustard, a pinch of sugar, and salt to taste.

Rinse and dry the pork shoulder, place the pork in a slow cooker or pressure cooker, add 1 jar of Salsa Wallito Siete, add 3/4 cups fresh orange juice. Cook until pork is tender enough to shred. (Slow cooker approx. 7 hrs- Instapot 1 hr 30 mins) Remove from slow cooker/Instapot and let it cool slightly then shred using 2 forks.  In a skillet warm small corn  tortillas, once they are warm place 2 tortillas and top with carnitas avocado, veggies, Salsa Wallito of your choice, and some Mexican Crema.