Spring 2024

In with the NEW Does Not Have to Mean Out With the OLD

By Dominique & Maxine, LaGravinese Jewelers of Pelham

Do you have a few pieces sitting in your jewelry box that you no longer wear or inherited jewelry that is outdated or not your style? With gold prices as high as they are now, over $2,000 an ounce, we are seeing a lot of people selling or trading in their old jewelry. This is a great time to do that, however, some pieces might not be worth selling for the metal quantity or resale value, especially for the potential redesign that they encompass. You might be hesitant to sell or part with other items because of the meaning and/or sentimental attachment you have to them. By recreating these pieces into something different you will be able to maintain the sentiment while adding new meaning and making them some-thing you can wear and enjoy instead of having them sit in a jewelry or safe deposit box. 

With a little attention and design work, stones from older pieces or even broken chains can be recreated to make beautiful new modern looks. You can simply reset the stones into an existing setting, or you can repurpose your pieces to create a completely custom and unique piece of jewelry that is made just for you. As an added bonus, by using your own material, it can dramatically cut the cost.

Common redesign options include – but are not limited to – removing stones from clusters or ballerina rings to create a classic everyday diamond by the yard necklace. Perhaps you want to take a stone from a brooch and resetting it into a solitaire bezel ring. Another possibility might be to turning side stones from an outdated ring into stud earrings. Adding charms from an old bracelet with others creates a brand-new look. 

It’s easy to get started. Gather together everything you aren’t wearing and are considering parting with. Certain pieces or stones can be combined in the most unexpected ways. Bring those pieces to a trusted jeweler to go over the value of each, both sentimental and monetary. From there, discuss your style and the outcome of a newly designed finished piece. Everyone’s style is different. While some might like a number of pieces combined into one bold statement piece, others might like to have them made into multi-ple items that can be stacked together or worn for different occasions. Your jeweler can have images made and the associated costs for you before you decide to take any pieces apart. 

Have fun with it! The possibilities are endless!