Spring 2024

Meet Yaretsy (Yari) Flores, the Woman behind Casaroma in New Rochelle

By Lilian Peña


I recently discovered an outstanding coffee and tea spot in downtown New Rochelle, and sat down with Yari Flores, one of the amazing Owners behind Casaroma.

I asked her about the concept for the name and environment of Casaroma. Yari explained, she wanted the name of the shop to celebrate her English and Spanish background…that it should be totally translatable and create a homey and comfortable vibe. She and her life partner, Kevin Rucker, came up with several names. Because they had a strong social media following through their pop-up cart around the city, the Owners turned to their family and close circle of friends to help choose the right name. Overwhelming “Casaroma” was the immediate favorite…the combination of “casa” and “aroma”. It also fit perfectly with the concept of the three C’s …. Culture, Community, Collaboration. Everything their company stands for.

Kevin, was the one to encourage Yari to open her own coffee shop. They moved to New Rochelle from Queens and noticed the need for a shop like this in the neighborhood. Coming from Queens where there is always something to do and places to go and hangout, they saw great potential in New Rochelle. So, they embarked on developing a solid business plan, got the loans necessary, and then partnered with their friend Donnell Culver. Donnell has his own production company and was essential in the design of their menu and marketing videos all over social media.

Yari grew up in the Dominican Republic where coffee was not considered as an energy drink, but rather part of the culture as a morning ritual – something to be enjoyed with friends and family, at any occasion, and any time of day! Smiling at her years in college, Yari shared that coffee for her was for energy and less for pleasure. After college, she concentrated more on the craft coffee side by starting her own Youtube series reviewing local coffee spots. She became her own at-home barista, trying out different recipes and combinations that highlighted her culture. One of her signature drinks, highlighting the Dominican Republic is called Morir Soñando, or “to die dreaming.”

Working with her background in the hospitality, specifically with food and beverages, Yari considers herself not in the coffee business, but in the people business. She has definitely created a space where people can gather for great products — a place where people leave feeling better than when they came in. Casaroma offers exactly this, a warm, welcoming, and positive atmosphere.

Yari’s favorite concoctions on the menu is the Dominican Mocha Latte. The ingredients to create this is specially shipped from the DR. It is a true delicious treat! Casaroma also partnered recently with Tazo and by doing so, this allowed for another favorite mix drink called the Tazo Sunrise. What are some of their bestsellers? The well-balanced Cinnamon Agave Latte is by far a popular choice. It’s perfect in cooler weather as well as on ice during the spring and summer months. Their Peppermint Tea is another refreshing favorite. And of course, the Matcha Latte, topped with fresh strawberries is delicate and smooth. Casaroma is always adding new choices for her growing clientele.

Collaborating with local pastry shops in the area that deliver the best pastries. Some with a Carribean flair! It’s extremely important to support and partner with local businesses in order to help them out.

Yari has been and is inspired by the women in her life. They have persevered through many things and have inspired her to achieve her own dreams. They keep in contact through group chats. When asked who makes the best coffee in her family, the answer was easy . . . her mom! She makes the best drip coffee. She said it doesn’t matter if you have a $20,000 coffee machine, it’s all in magic and love.

Casaroma is working on their spring and summer schedule to include random pop-up appearances around New Rochelle and the county. They will post their pop-ups throughout the season on Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram…so be on the lookout!

When giving advice to other female entrepreneurs, Yari says to surround yourself with people that support and inspire you. It’s not going to be easy, but at the end of a difficult day, you can rely on the support of those who care. Follow your dreams at whatever age you are.

She is versatile in arranging the floral arrangement, interior design of the shop as well as making the business decisions. You can do it for someone else or decide to do it for yourself.

They work with Coffee Labs in Tarrytown and have guided them through coffee tastings and bean choices. Even use their beans for espresso! A coffee roasting in Brooklyn supplies Dominican beans as well as from Costa Rica for their drip coffee and other blends.

At Casaroma, patrons can come, hangout and play board games. Dominos is a favorite.

The future of Casaroma is solid. Whether it’s a quick stop in the morning for a beautifully prepared cup of coffee and a delectable pastry or to meet friends and relax for a while. Casaroma is exactly the vibe you’re looking for . . . a home away from home. Cheers!!

Casaroma, 391 Huguenot St., New Rochelle. Instagram and Tik Tok: casaromacafe Website: